How Not To Buy Ankle Boots This Winter

Wondering which accessories to tick off your winter wardrobe checklist? We have two words for you: ankle boots. They are always a fashion girl’s favorite and it is easy to see why. Offering a blend of style, comfort, and functionality, ankle boots are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a cold-weather workhorse. Whether it is the chunky sole boots or cozy fur-lined suede styles, ankle boots are incredibly versatile. They will seamlessly adapt themselves to your personal style and elevate even the simplest outfits. 

ankle boots

Ankle boots can be your go-to shoes this winter and next, but only if you buy the right pair. How do you do that? By avoiding these common mistakes:

1. Choosing price over quality

When buying boots, it is quite easy to convince yourself to save some money and buy the cheaper pair. Why? Because you only wear them for a season. The right approach, however, is to buy a pair that offers quality at a reasonable price. And you don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars to find a pair of ankle boots that are of high quality.

2. Picking a pair that doesn’t match a majority of your wardrobe

Buying a pair of ankle boots that match only three items in your wardrobe is one of the biggest sartorial mistakes you can make. Always buy shoes that go with most of your outfits. For instance, if you prefer to wear mostly neutrals, getting silver boots with a snakeskin pattern might not be the best decision. Although, you shouldn’t let this stop you from investing in a fun, unique pair every once in a while.

3. Not getting the right size

Unlike summer or spring, winter calls for additional layers on your feet, which means you probably need to wear socks with your tan leather ankle boots. So, while shopping for ankle boots, you should be careful when picking the size. Consider the types of socks you plan on wearing. They might fit with the think cotton stockings but what about your thick fuzzy socks?

natural suede ankle boots

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