Flats In Winter: 4 Ways To Style Your Favorite Flats During The Cold Season

If you are anything like the rest of us, chances are you use winter as an excuse to break out your heels. Because let’s be honest, no one is walking down the icy sidewalk or jumping over frozen puddles or choosing to spend long hours outdoors when it’s freezing cold. So, heels seem like a safe choice. But we are here to make the case for flats during winter. Shocked? Hear us out. Flats, although considered a warm-weather staple, work well during the colder months, too. In fact, we believe there is value in putting on winter outfits that swap the heels for shoes that are comfortable, practical, and cute. Also, your choices for winter flats run the gamut, from chic ballerinas to elegant loafers and casual sneakers. 

Here are a few tips that will help you put together seasonally on-point looks with your favorite flats: 

1.  Throw on some colorful socks

If you want to wear flats during winter and not freeze your toes off, we suggest pairing them with socks. We won’t lie: the socks and flats combination isn’t the easiest to pull off. But do not let that hold you back. As long as you have the right shoes and socks, you can create a super stylish look. We are, however, partial to loafers and thin socks (instead of the chunky knitted ones). 

Amani black leather franco sarto slide flat sandal

2.  Tights and flats are always a winner

If socks aren’t your thing, tights are the perfect alternative. They are especially great for those days when you want to slip into a dress or a skirt during winter. But if you want to mix things up, challenge yourself to stay away from the regular black tights. From floral patterned tights to sexy fishnet tights, the options are endless.

3.  Invest in flats with more coverage

Shoes that provide ample coverage, like loafers and sneakers, are one of the best options for flats lovers during winter. You can also go for moccasins. The extra material will shield your feet from the cold and you might even get away with not wearing socks or tights on the not-so-cold days.

4.  Make sure your hemline covers your feet

Unless you want your feet to freeze, might we suggest you wear pants with hemlines that cover at least your ankles. You can also go for longer hemlines that cover the exposed part of your feet. This will keep your feet warm and also make the experience of wearing flats during wintertime a little more comfortable.

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