Comfort and Style: Tips to Wear High Heels Without Pain

Remember when Bob Dylan said: “Behind every beautiful thing there’s been some kind of pain”? Well, we women couldn’t agree more! Our saga with heels is pretty much the same. There’s no denying that a good pair of heels can elevate even the blandest outfits and take your style game up a notch. But the pain that comes with it is a hefty price that we have to pay.

From swollen, aching soles to painful ankles, wearing high heels for a long day can get extremely uncomfortable and even make you question your choices. Well, this shouldn’t be the case. What if we told you that you could work around your way with the excruciating pain and still look glamorous? 

high wedge heel sandals for women,

Have you ever wondered how some women can walk around in high heels all day while you feel like giving up within a few minutes of wearing them? Let us in on you with a few secrets that will help you make your experience pain-free and comfortable.

Be Mindful While Shopping

The first thing to keep in mind while shoe shopping is to make sure that you buy a pair that is of your size. Most often than not, we tend to simply buy a pair hoping that we’d somehow squeeze our feet into those. But you should refrain from making such mistakes because, let’s face it, you're never going to get enough wear from the pair if it's uncomfortable. 

Also, make sure that you go heel shopping at the end of the day when your feet are a bit swollen from walking and at their biggest. Choose a pair of heels that is slightly wider than your feet so that you have enough wiggle room. When you buy high heels sandals for women online, make sure to check the sizing chart beforehand because different brands can use different sizes.

Use Insoles for Added Comfort

Who doesn’t like soft, comfortable shoes that feel like you’re walking on the cushion? If you seek extra comfort and a better fit, you can slip in gel or leather insoles in your high heels. They can reduce the pressure and give additional support to the front part of your foot or your heel. They can also prevent your foot from slipping forward, making it easier for you to move around in heels for an extended time.

Wedges to The Rescue 

If you love wearing heels but struggle to walk around in them, we have an alternative for you! Wedges are indeed more comfortable than stilettos, perhaps because of even weight distribution. So instead of putting all of your weight on one point, your foot is distributed from heel to toe. High wedge heel sandals for women can offer you more stability, sparing you the fear of losing balance.

Lastly, if you have been trotting in your heels all day, give your feet a much-needed break. Simply remove them for a few minutes and stretch your feet and rotate your ankles. Let’s face it, walking in heels is not as easy as walking in sneakers, so make sure you keep these things in mind the next time you slip your feet in that glamorous pair.